Powering Up HIVE For October 2020


Finally reaching the final quarter of the year, I would conclude the previous three quarters as some sort like a foundation build-up for me which get me into the exploration for a different system that can fit into my lifestyle. As of now, I could see that I am on a clearer path on what I want to achieve and where should I be going with the resources I have. Also not to forget to develop the resources I have on the HIVE blockchain which is the Power Up Day by @hivebuzz which is amazing. This reminds me to keep the momentum to build the account and create something valuable for the blockchain. Currently, I have been continuous creating content for a continuous 1 month plus (if not mistaken). I will be starting to do a spring cleaning and recategorize all my writings into my “second brain” which is Notion. This is a very good practice that I think will drastically improve my productivity by lesser the mess I have.

Well, back to the Power-Up Day. I am powering up with 1,000 Hive Power for my account and hope that within this last quarter, I can push my account to hit 15,000 Hive Power strong. Which means that I am still around 3,715 Hive Power short. With a conservative calculation, I would need to accumulate around 41.27 Hive per day (equivalent to 7USD of value as per today). For my current post-performance, I think I am just 50% near the average value which I think is totally fine and normal. I will need to build my audience and see what other values I can put in for me to achieve that goal.

This final quarter, I will be putting myself into work on my new Youtube Channel which the topic I want to focus about is most probably self-improvement kind of things or entrepreneurship. Still yet to finalize the overall direction and position that I want to take. I have been hosting creative learning and sharing talk show for almost 20 episodes since 3 months ago. So this would be also a starting point for me to build on my Youtube channel too. The reason for me to build my own channel and also podcast is to help myself to absorb and apply the knowledge that I gain from my reading or experience even better. Since I have spent time and even money to gain that specific knowledge, so why not I put the knowledge into use and create a product out of it which could, in turn, become another revenue stream for me too.

All in all, my main goal is to gather likeminded people to learn and grow together. I am positive that such a route is a lonely road, especially when you are at a building stage with a little foundation and in a realm where you are totally not familiar with. Thus, having someone or a group of people who share the same passion to learn and grow is a great and inspiring too! So this is somewhere that I want to start with. Looking forward to getting things started after I finish my exam in the coming Saturday! So many exciting things await for the final quarter of 2020.

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