Every person you meet changes you in some way.

"The meeting of two people is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is a reaction, both are transformed"

Carl Gustav Jung

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Developing a bond with another person is something very necessary for the people I know, it is something that allows them to maintain their gregarious character and gives life to the social fabric that gives meaning to what we understand as humanity. After all, in solitude we are either gods or we are beasts ... but, we would not be properly human like our peers.

I found the image that this author uses to illustrate his approach interesting to me and I think it is very appropriate and easy to understand, but I would take it a little further, since I find that with each encounter, with each event, with each of the interactions that we have in life with other people or with situations in the world, well, in all cases we develop some change, so that the I of today is not the one of yesterday and it is only the prospect of the I that I will be tomorrow.

I think that as humans we are unfinished works, so we will always be in constant change, so it is very convenient to review the way we change and the people we react with, for better or for worse, because these things will give us important clues. to be clear about the type or kind of person we will become and the person we are today.

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