Meditation can give relief to mental health

how are you all Hope everyone is doing well. I'm trying to be good. But you know what to tell the truth! Overthinking will not let you stay well! That's the problem!
We worry about the common things! As a result of which we have various mental and physical problems.

It is the most difficult when the anxiety attacks before sleep! You may have noticed that if you think too much you can't sleep at all. You can't fix the mind no matter how hard you try.

I want a calm mind for sleep! And if that is not there, then how will sleep! But why do we worry? The reason may be different for each person.

I'll just worry! We feel anxious when various thoughts flood our lazy brain. I used to worry about simple things. Let's assume that you took the exam a month ago! Exam results will be given today. But you are only worried about the exam results! Your exam report is finished. And what results you will get has also been written. Just waiting to publish! But we worry about it.

Whenever the exam results are published, our worries are at an end to some extent! Have you noticed a thing? If the result of what we are worried about is known in advance, then what will be worried about that! Not to be! Actually our brain gives that signal. When the mind is filled with worry, what kind of thoughts just keep spinning.

If we talk about the present, alot of people in my country are suffering from depression! Only for overthinking and not fulfilling their desires. The effects of anxiety can be seen in our daily lives as well. Our mind is not satisfied with our work. I also get very stressed sometimes.

A lot of tension with small things! Now you can think, you are writing about anxiety and you worry!! Actually, today suddenly there was a lot of tension. About small things. I used to tense up a bit. Now, of course, there are reasons. Meditate regularly for a few days! Check it out! If you can meditate for two minutes regularly, you will be mentally strong. Research has proven it! People who meditate are mentally strong.

There was a lot of tension since the afternoon. CV writing! At the end of the diploma, you have to think about the job now, right? In fact, I feel like I am subjugated to work. I have seen many examples around. No one is happy with the job! Many work on their stomachs, on what a family can afford. A famous person said, "If you want to fulfill your dreams, do business, and if you want to fulfill your needs, then work." So you get it. The job situation in the private sector of my country is terrible! So you need to work harder than norm..

Let's say a lot! But I will tell you from my small experience, if you want to be mentally healthy, then definitely develop the habit of meditation. My mental health is better than ever because of meditation. ..

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