A Myriad Of Greed;.... But Why Does Opportunism Lies In The Heart?

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There's this natural connection that people have towards greed and that's why people look for the shortest of cuts in other to get to the farthest of destination. In 2001 there was a bomb blast in Lagos Nigeria, precisely at Ikeja and even in the midst of this confusion, death and panic there was still people carting away with the valuables of others and this made me ask the question, what if they're dead before the end of day? Does this realism ever hits them? How come stealing of valuable became a bigger priority than protecting of lives and property? Greed is often a particular feature that comes with opportunism. I do believe that opportunism is a step out or step off of morality that is embedded into the natural process of humanity, but I've come to learn that tragedy is just tragedy but only to some people to some others it is only an opportunity that rarely comes, so how then can all humans ever agree that a particular tragic situation is really a tragedy?

As much as a lot of countries and people are suffering from the major effect of corona virus, there might be some organisations who might have already have the cure but waiting at the last moment to board it for really outrageous prices, this might be a pernicious propaganda but can we overruled this particular character of humans? The answer is no! I am actually not saying people shouldn't take opportunity of tragic situations to enrich themselves what I'm saying is that sometimes people might go too far, wait for me is an addiction and when people becomes wholly addicted becomes impossible to show them the right path. I look into the steem blockchain as well and everyone is posting about the steem hostile takeover and while we need information and guidance, so many people have now taken to selling panic and unjust fear just to reap the rewards that comes with posting about the take over.

Like I said earlier many thrive on panic in order to succeed they thrive on the spreading misogyny as well as propaganda, they're like rippers expecting the storm to steal children at night. In Nigeria for example the prices of hand sanitizer have done up 100% just because it is now in need to cleanse the hands just because of corona virus. During the ebola period so many fake pastors as well as fake televangelists began to sell a lot of miracle water and they were leading a whole lot of people astray with their fake fallacious teachings and how the end of days is near, I really do not want to bring religion into this but the truth is that sometimes I feel opportunism is embedded deep into the heart and in most cases it is unlocked when we see that we can actually benefits from the unlikeliest of situations

We however cannot overstress this, I do believe that it is only when we can collectively agree that a situation is tragic that is when we will begin to find altruistic solution to permanently tackle problems, issues and ills that has been bedevilling us as humanity. So many times our opinion differs as humans and this is a perculiarity which causes division and divisions brings about a lingering in world issues that can only be solved when there's a collective opinion about a particular situation . However in our own way we believe that we are right, but what are the yardsticks that measures right and wrong without it having to be a little bit controversial or partial? We shouldn't really see every opportunity of which we are equipped with to make money because it is indirectly affecting the recovery or well-being of someone else. Like I said early, we're not robots neither are we steel were meant to be compromising, we're meant to break promises, lie and do questionable things irrespective of this, we learn, we understand and we change

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