PSYBERX - The Next Level Blockchain Game

Hey Hivers, It's been a while since I posted. But I have been roaming around and exploring other parts of hive mostly playing games like @splinterlands, @dcrops, @dcitygame and many others. Most of time is spent on work or support at splinterlands.

We already have seen a massive growth in userbase of @splinterlands which is testing hive limits and millions of transactions happening daily. about 400K users interacting with game daily is a great milestone to achieve. In this growing world of blockchain, NFT's and Gaming are two most hot niches now a days. Splinterlands may be leading for now on userbase but there are others who have their own userbase and taking lead in volume or assets locked. Axie has been doing it's thing & Illuvium is ready to jump in soon.


@saltyreptile is looking to enter this rapidly developing world through a Battle Royal game (@psyberx) like COD Warzone or Cyber Punk. Let's dive into it, who they are and why they are on HIVE.

PsyberX Trailer

Level (LVL) Token

@psyberx will utilize Level 1 (LVL) token which is minted on Hive Engine. Maximum supply is 500M which is all minted. A presale was done on Engine with a target price of 100,000$. I guess they have already hit that but not sure. There are sell orders on Engine but at higher prices than early. You can find some details about plan and tokenomics here.


An NFT airdrop is announced for anyone holding 5M LVL tokens in wallet on 17th of October. Here are top 10 LVL holders.


Royal Reptile Studios

Royal Reptile Studios founded by Justin Moore (Discord: JBOSS#5082) is a company behind @psyberx game which is hitting news on hive. They have 11 team members (1 CEO himself, 6 Developers & 4 artists) with background in game & application development. You can read more about them here.


Final Thoughts

Trailer looks great and awesome which indicates game will also be something incredible. Battle Royal has been hit on world as we see COD, PUBG and many others competing and attracting gamers. This game can can bridge blockchain with the industry. Such type of teams and DEVS are welcomed by Hive community. It was community that made Splinterlands successful. The 2nd reason was devs/founders creating value and delivering what they promise. IDK where we will be after a year or two, but if Royal Reptile Studios stay long enough and continue delivering what they are aiming for, this can be the game changer. Community is with them.

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