Spaminator Server and Tech-Only Funding Proposal

(This is a pre-proposal post that will be presented as part of the proposal for voting if there is any community support and viability)

Spaminator is an anti-abuse and anti-exploitation project designed to restore funds back to the reward pool.

Financial Ask

$50/year x 2 domain names (Hivewatchers and Spaminator, keeping them together for the sake of simplicity)
$10/month for hosting the API/list backend
$15/month for hosting the server that runs the actual bot
$100/month for maintenance of bot/tech

Total: $1550 / year


This is a no-usage labor costs proposal. The maintenance costs above are purely for a developer who is not myself to monitor and update the framework (backend bot, its database, etc). No frontend hours are included because frontend updates are non-critical.

The $100 monthly amount is calculated on average based on annual hours. It is conservative.

My own labor costs or the labor costs of Logic, etc of entering data, researching etc are not included. We will manage those in different proposals or mechanisms. This is purely to pay for the tech and its upkeep. It does not include any maintenance of the Hivewatchers site.

About Spaminator

Spaminator aims to deter large-scale reward and account exploitation attempts by systemically removing rewards from comments and posts. It focuses on the act of farming or spam for the detrimental purposes of extraction and differentiates between that and service bots or interactions with a meaning. It's scope is fluid and gets revisited on a semi-annual basis, keeping it relevant to currently-applicable scenarios. Currently, Spaminator runs with its own @spaminator account to mark posts and with @theycallmedan's account to return rewards to the community pool.


No attempts to harass, pressure or otherwise manipulate the operation of the Spaminator bot will be successful as a result of any attempts in this proposal's comments or elsewhere related. Aiming to leverage the proposal to manipulate will not result in anything but a waste of time. Please present only comments to do with the proposal itself.

~ @guiltyparties

Update 16 May: Forgot that the proposal system requires a rounded daily amount. That brings us to 1825 HBD a year. When HBD equal to $1, we may end up with a surplus, the maximum being $275. We'll roll that into another anti-abuse tech-only server and I'll put up a post on that later after getting the specs.