Open source Hivesigner Sign In package for Flutter

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What are we solving?

Several mobile Hive dapps are already being developed using Flutter (Dapplr, Aureal, Haveyoubeenhere, ...). But each dapp has to completely create the Hivesigner Sign In process from scratch for both the front and back-end. Which is fairly time-consuming and can be a turn off for (d)app developers. We will create a package that developers can utilize to quickly integrate Hivesigner Sign In within their (d)apps. Similar packages already exist for Google Sign In, Facebook Sign In, etc.


Why is this important?

Flutter is a framework for creating cross-platform mobile and web apps. As we speak it is the fastest growing repository on GitHub coming in at #6 for most starred overall. As with most frameworks, there is the possibility to utilize libraries / packages that were created by other developers. In the case of Flutter these can be found at


What will we deliver?

  • Hivesigner Sign In Flutter package with the functionality to log in to any application using Hivesigner (incl. pre-styled widget(s)).
  • Code example with how to integrate it in your own Flutter project.
  • Code example with how to handle the sign in process from your own back-end using NodeJS.

All code will be entirely open source and available on GitHub as well.

To get a rough idea of what will be created you can take a look at the sign in process at the Haveyoubeenhere mobile app.

What funding are we looking for?

  • Total requested funding: 3150 HBD
  • Breakdown: 150 HBD per day spent on development over a period of three weeks.
  • Two weeks grace period included (to make sure there is time to cast votes etc.)
  • All HBD in excess off 3150 HBD will be send back to the DHF.

Dev team

@martibis: founder and lead dev behind Pinmapple, Haveyoubeenhere and Buymeberries

@pateldhawal4: lead dev behind Aureal, back-end dev at Haveyoubeenhere

Vote for the proposal here ❤️

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