Proposal is Live and Community feedback

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We have started our second proposal, of which we have received both positive and negative feedback due to the use of the DHF system where its main use is for the development of the platform, however, we believe in the capabilities of #HIVE and its community and we want to try to count on your support again.

Likewise, we thank those who supported our previous proposal: @blocktrades @theycallmedan @encrypt3dbr0k3r @pharesim @thejohalfiles @roelandp @balte @acidyo @eturnerx @steem.leo @arcange @ausbitbank @ewkaw @davidthompson57 @traciyork @aliento @juliakponsford @singhcapital @guiltyparties @brofund @vimukthi @victoriabsb @shainemata @ilazramusic @astrolabio @fmbs25 @lasseehlers each of you saved lives.

This proposal comes framed in a new milestone to allow us to acquire more medicines as well as to be able to cover more spaces in the nutritional work.

In this way we have requested 75 HBD per day for a period of 90 days (the proposal is estimated and the total amount decreases for each day that the proposal is not approved).

We are also receiving advice from some members of the community regarding the content we publish, new ways to present the work done, and more accurate ways to justify the economic burden to the community, also remembering that our foundation is a legally constituted entity before the Venezuelan state and we want to continue growing as the project that we are.

If you want to know more about the proposal you can visit the following link: /@zaxan/fundacoven-proposal-proposal-support-foundation-for-venezuela-people

If you want to vote for the proposal visit the following link:

We hope we can count on your support and we remind you that any proposal, comment, or feedback you wish to give to the project is welcome. (2).gif (1).gif

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