The HiveTips Proposal is Live - Let The Voting Commence!

Yes! The proposal put in for HiveTips is now live. #HiveisAlive!

The proposal was presented to the community in a way that any business proposal should be presented to investors and followed all the guidelines set forth by top witnesses @blocktrades and @guiltyparties. The community are the investors and the funding approved from the Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF) is decided upon by everyone who owns stake (Hive Power) in our ecosystem. You would do us a great justice by reviewing the proposal, offering us any input and asking any questions you may have.

Many noticed that the proposal is for a two year period in total and that the total amount of funds for that two year period all inclusive is: $256,000. We would like to remind every single stakeholder out there that your voice matters and can make all the difference.

Our proposal covers a two year work span in the total figure listed. Our goal is to raise those funds during that period of time. All transactions will be clearly available in our dedicated account for transparency- @fullalt.dhf. Here is a brief overview of what we are requesting and where the funds will go:

Breakdown of Costs:

Labor (only Dev work): $160,000
Equipment: $2,400
Third party costs i.e. APIs: $3,600
Marketing: $7,000.00 + 24 month advertising plan $61,150
Incidentals: $160 + 10% of the above total sum = $23,000


  • First quarter (first six months) total: $109,100
    Coding Full Time to date + 6 months: 29,000 + 43,200
    Server costs 12 month contract: 1,200
    Twitter API: 12 month contract: 1,800
    Marketing + Advertising 6 months: 7,000 + 16,100
    Incidentals: 10,800

  • Second quarter (second six months) total: $68,025
    Coding (full time, 40 hr weeks): 43,200
    Advertising 6 months: 15,025
    Incidentals: 9,800

  • Third quarter (third six months) total: $41,475
    Coding (part time, 20 hour weeks): 22,300
    Server (12 month contract): 1,200
    Twitter API (12 month contract): 1,800
    Advertising 6 months: 14,175
    Incidentals: 2000

  • **Last quarter & FINAL TWO YEAR TOTAL: $39,150 **
    Coding (part time, 20 hour weeks): 22,300
    Advertising 6 months: 15,850
    Incidentals: 1000

Rounded down to: $256,000

We expect someone will be tracking the numbers and we will do our best to submit public announcements in relation to expenses. We will also be doing regular quarterly updates on the funding alone. (These shall be in addition to the updates and progress reporting on the project itself). If you wish to be alerted in these updates (tagged in the post), please let us know. We will make sure you are notified of our progress.

Once the proposal financial goals are fulfilled, we will be withdrawing it and this too will be publicly announced. We will do our best to accommodate stakeholders' wishes, with the utmost of respect to everyone who has supported this proposal and its goals in taking HIVE to the mainstream.

We would also like to get the ball rolling on getting the community involved with the decision making process as to what all platforms, websites, niches should be included and help us in determining the order of precedence. Here are some suggestions that have come up to date

Gaming platform related integrations:
  • Twitch
Communications platforms:
  • Telegram
Other social media platforms:
  • Instagram

If you have any suggestions, please list them in your comments, so that we can record it and put it up for discussion in the relevant upcoming posts. Everyone on Hive has been or still is active on other platforms all over the internet so we have to ask you -

Where do you want to use your HIVE Coins to reward people?

LINKS TO APPROVE PROPOSAL: PeakD - - Hivesigner - and thank you.
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