Tokenizing The Internet With Hive - HiveTips, HivePatron & MyAltWallet (Proposal #128)

Tokenizing The Internet With Hive.


What’s better than getting Hive into the mainstream of things? "Nothing" you say. Well, FullALT has some good news for you.

We are creating the tools to help make that a reality all over the internet. Including some of the sites and platforms that many thought are "impossible" to tackle.

Furthermore, let's add to that the marketing potentials for HIVE.
The best marketing for any currency is utilization. If currencies are seen in use, that is the most effective means of ensuring they are known of and accepted, all over the internet (world).

This can only be achieved if there are tools built for real world use cases in existing real world markets. In a user friendly means, which the lack of is often the biggest drawback in the crypto scene.

Our two native currencies HIVE & HBD have the potential to achieve this, if we concentrate our efforts on the diversity of their utilization (use cases), particularly those that tap into the existing markets out there.

Proposal Type:

Hive services


@fullalt (@fullalt.dhf)


Which is comprised of the following team members:

Lead Developer/Coder (Contractor):

All listed on our website:

This proposal has been submitted in accordance with the general guidelines presented to the community.
& within the general criteria expected from a transparent, clear cut, definitive business/DHF proposal.

FullALT - Road Map

While FullALT has been referred to as a ‘tip bot’ by some, we actually offer a wide-ranging roster of flexible cross-medium interaction services that reach far beyond tips or bots.

2020 - Phase 1 (Completed)

HIVE and HBD can now be utilized as currencies for real world market uses, on the following protocols and platforms:

All other emails

Social Media and Messaging:

Google Chrome

Our vision is to prove that the internet can be tokenized with HIVE and HBD. We have made gains on this vision not only in theory but in practice, within real world use cases in existing real world markets. i.e. gratuities markets.

2021 - Phase 2

Expansion on the above lists of sites, platforms and relevant services to get Hive available out on the mainstream markets with the goal of helping to ensure both HIVE and HBD can be utilized as currencies in any part of this world in user friendly ways, on any phone or computer.

Building bridges and synergy with other platforms and services, such as Telegram and expanding the overall possibilities for any and all apps and people that wish to easily and effectively utilize HIVE and HBD.

Incorporation of the upcoming hard coded ‘recurring payments’ features on Hive into all products/services.

When the full 62 days of DHF funding are completed, the funds from the 2020 portion that were all paid for by @jackmiller (from his personal savings) shall be utilized in the following manner:

  • 80% powered up (HP) and utilized within the ecosystem to promote Hive marketing activities by members of the broader community.
  • 20% kept in liquid HBD for unforeseen ‘incidentals’ that may arise. I.e. API costs which can scale unpredictably.

Actively partake in the activities and work to help empower the newly emerging Hive Marketing collaborative team-working initiative.

Expand on SEO recognition and other relevant efforts currently worked on.

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Hello from the team at FullAlt! Noticing the title, you will correctly have assumed that the content contained herein is all relative to a proposal we have set in motion. We feel the numbers will speak for themselves and product is genuine. Never in the history of Hive, has there been such a sound bridge between a blockchain and other traditional centralized social media platforms. We have full faith, that over the course of the next couple years, that HiveTips will be one of the lead horses in the race to expose Hive to the masses of people that are still (knowingly or not) waiting to break away from the chains of the corporate giants. So without further ado, we give you:

Detailed overviews of products and services released to date:


HiveTips - "A real world use case for HIVE & HBD in a real world market."

Introducing - HIVE PATRON!

My Alt Wallet - Telegram

& we also have a “Hive account creation service” included in all our products:



HiveTips DHF Proposal - Revised Milestones with Options
Update Posted on: 07 January 2021

Cost Breakdown:

2020 Costs
$59,100 USD

Ref: FullAlt: 2020 Checks & Balances

Note: The above recap for 2020 was completed on the 23rd of December 2020. All work done in the days, prior to 01 Jan 2021 shall fall into the 2021 budget.

2021 Projected Costs


Labour (Dev) 220 work days x 6 hrs @ $45/hr, from 01 Jan 2021: $59,400

Potential overtime per month (including potential emergency calls during the 145 days off): Up to 4 hrs x 12 months = 48 Hrs = $2,160

Staging and production servers and other equipment: $1,200

Third party mandatory operation costs i.e. APIs: $1,800

Incidentals: $300

2021 projected total: $64,860
Total 2020 + 2021: $124,000 (Rounded up, 62 Days of funding)
Current status:

1.664 days funded to date

= 60.336 Days of funding approval remaining.

Opportunity to Empower

We are considering a couple strategically-placed press releases that would focus on Hive itself far more so than this project. For this, we will collaborate and coordinate with the individuals who have organized Hive communication to-date; ie. the individuals who manage the @hiveio account and the newly emerging Hive Marketing Team.

We will source these opportunities and obtain them where possible for free.

To give everyone an idea of the market prices for the services that we will be resourcing on our own and in cooperation with the new Hive marketing team which is in the makings, we have done the following research to obtain outlet pricing:

Advertising Plan & Costs


All timesheets and invoices are reviewed and audited prior to any payment being made. Only the hours invested and actually worked are paid, all at a fixed hourly rate. We believe in paying a fair rate for our developer hours and we do not attempt to milk the rewards pool for this with upvotes.

If you choose to support this proposal, we kindly ask that you inform us, so that we can add you to our DM list for sending out a reminder when the above defined funding goal (amount) is achieved.

This is our obligation to ensure that you are directly informed on time.

As stated the general scope of work and objectives remain unchanged.
Proposal Link on PeakD:

This is a 'Cut' Proposal

Once the 62 days of funding is achieved, the proposal shall be removed and everyone shall be informed via an update.

Major Unforeseen Changes

All unforeseen additional options can be submitted as new proposals, if necessary.

I.e. as new sites are added, most of them have a fee for using their API, these costs were originally included in the Incidentals, but are now omitted. Most platforms state very clearly, that they have a unilateral right to determine costs, based on their own criteria, i.e. number of API calls. If these exceed the current proposals planned budget then we have the right to submit those as new proposals. In short, if (once) Hive becomes amazingly popular (which will be awesome!) and our API costs go through the roof, then we'll need your help! Any such situations shall be transparently defined, with proof from the relevant platforms prior to submitting any such Proposal(s).

Explanation of proposal costs

The aim is to be a ‘fee-less’ project wherever possible on the internet. This is in line with the Hive ecosystem which offers Fast & ‘Fee-less’ transactions.
However, as we all know, there is no free lunch. Tokenizing the internet with HIVE via Hive is no easy task and we have the potential to achieve a good chunk of the work for Hive.

This proposal does not cover all the work hours invested. (as detailed earlier)

Our contracted developer/coder for this project has given a discounted FIXED rate of only $45/hrs.
He too sees the real potential this project has to offer everyone on Hive.
Likewise, his integrity to date has been impeccable. To the point that during the course of the works so far, we were faced with an unforeseen issue with one of the platforms. He offered to not charge a single cent for the seven days of work needed to remedy those issues caused by the third party platform.
He shared the responsibility as only a professional and dedicated contributor would.

To back this proposal, we have provided proof of costs to date, with detailed invoices and proof of payments (on the chain).

˙No member of FULLALT is getting funded or compensated for any work invested into HiveTips.

Hours invested by the FullALT team and friends supporting us = $0.

We are looking at Hive as a long term blockchain endeavor which is worth the invested time and effort.

Reach us

If you choose to support/vote for our proposal or if you simply enjoy using our products, please join our Discord and stay up to date!

Link to FullAlt Discord:

Proposal Link on PeakD:

Progress reporting

By milestone:
Note: Weekly timesheets and invoices from the coder shall be given to FULLALT reviewed, processed-paid accordingly & made public via the chain no less than once a month.

Accountability & Auditing

All coding costs, weekly reports, time sheets, and invoices shall be reviewed and audited by @guiltyparties and @jackmiller prior to payments being made.

Sample of submitted timesheets/invoices:

This is an added level of accountability that the funds being invested are handled in a professional and responsible manner.

As stated earlier, all transactions will be transparently executed on Hive.


FullAlt: 2020 Checks & Balances

Posted on the 23rd of December 2020.

This will be the account that will be utilized for any and all funds from the DHF. It will serve as the account for transparency, easy tracking, auditing and managing those funds. The proposal will be open until the 62 days of funding are fulfilled in its entirety. After which it will be removed.

The project goal is to expand Hive, HIVE & HBD all over the internet.

Literally making the dream of tokenizing the internet with HIVE come to life.


“It is the use case scenarios where HiveTips, HivePatron & MyAltWallet are required all over the internet. No, not just in some niche spaces, but all over the internet. Where there are people in the services markets, there is a potential need for rewarding those people with HIVE and other applicable use cases for these tools. Which brings us to the benefits HiveTips, HivePatron & MyAltWallet have to offer to Hive in the segment of outreach. “

Benefits of HiveTips, HivePatron & MyAltWallet:

“These services aim to be a major factor in the expansion and adoption of Hive across the web as all of the above listed will increase exponentially. The current number of people on the internet is over 4.8 billion and that number will only grow and HiveTips is a great vehicle to reach this audience. HiveTips is solely dedicated to giving a well known and utilized use case 'Fast and Fee-less' in which the existing circa 400 million HIVE out there can be put to good use. Unlike many other ventures that came before, these services don’t rely on upvoting or otherwise extracting rewards from the “rewards-pool”. Instead, they champions investment.
It is investors creating investors.

By providing use cases, we will help build a demand for HIVE. “

What happens if the proposal becomes unfunded?

In the event that the project is not funded, we will continue forward with our plans, however we will be limited in the dynamics of where and how our HIVE can be used. To date all costs incurred have been covered by @jackmiler and @guiltyparties (ref: Annex A)

In the event that funding gets cut off, we will re-evaluate what can and cannot be done in accordance with our capabilities and financial resources. The plan is to stick to the goal of promoting our ecosystem and the main economical features of Hive, which is ‘Fast and Fee-less’.

We have no intentions of abandoning this project as we see that it has way too much to offer Hive presently and moving forward. It isn’t all about the money. If it was, we wouldn’t have been ready to risk all our personal savings to prove that a working product and use case of Hive & HIVE can be expanded to a diverse range of platforms on the internet.

As per the earlier listed facts and stats, HiveTips, HivePatron & MyAltWallet will be utilized on not only the listed platforms out there, but on others too, hence being seen sooner or later by well over 30% of internet users, which is HiveTips’ current potential outreach.

“Hive is ALIVE” because so many of us in the community believe in everything Hive can become. HiveTips, HivePatron and MyAltWallet are some of the premiere tools that will help make all of these dreams come to life. If we fail to capitalize on this potential, then it is highly likely that our competitors on other blockchains will seize this opportunity instead of Hive.

Final Statements:

We have successfully integrated HIVE and Hive with the internet giants via a fully operational Beta products that tokenizes the world wide web. This is no small feat, and we feel our accomplishment should not be taken lightly or shrugged off.

"Why did we submit a proposal only after fully knowing that the idea is tangible and functional?"

We believe in this project. We know what the potential benefits are for Hive so to put a proposal in without a provable working product, would be like selling an idea with nothing to prove its tangibility. We have proven that it is possible to present a complete project and product.

This projecct is taking HIVE directly to the mainstream, where the vast majority of the 4.8 billion people on the internet hang out!

These tools and services are being built for the best interests of Hive. The blockchain scene, and even more so, the cryptocurrency atmosphere, is extremely competitive. We are here to ensure the integrity of this project.

Finally, we would like to ask that you support this proposal with your vote. We all want to see Hive, HIVE and HBD go mainstream. HiveTips can be a major game changer in that process. Your support will be a testament that everyone can be a part of tokenizing the web with HIVE.

Thank you.

Proposal Q & A

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FullAlt: 2020 Checks & Balances

Link: @fullalt/fullalt-2020-checks-and-balances

Posted on the 23rd of December 2020.

Where and How can I vote for the proposal?

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""Tokenizing The Internet With Hive"

HiveTips, HivePatron & MyAltWallet"

Hive is ALIVE!

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