Proposal to Change $HIVE at the Blockchain Level


During our Pre-Launch announcement of D.Buzz it came to our attention that there are members of the HIVE community who are concerned with short-form content being used to abuse the reward pool.

People like @jonsnow1983, @trincowski, @ash, @jocieprosza, @belemo and @joanstewart all expressed concerns about this and @chrisrice (Coordinator of @dbuzz) believes their concerns are justified.

He reached out to @hiddenblade, @guiltyparties and @hivewatchers who all made various suggestions and recommendations. The final consensus of a "Hive Keepers" group chat on Discord was that we must redo much of the @dbuzz Dapp in favor of Buzz’s (our version of Posts) being published in the Comment section of people’s Profiles instead of the Posts section.

Besides delaying our project launch by a couple weeks at minimum, @nathansenn (Lead Investor / Blockchain Developer) had this to say about that idea.

By making all posts in D.Buzz comments on a post inside our community, we lose the neatness of having many posts from different users inside our community on other platforms such as Hive.Blog.

We also lose the Trending features that are built into the communities.

I am also concerned that opportunists would take advantage of the lack of posts in our community. To try to post garbage or other spammy, scammy types of posts in hopes that it would be seen by someone viewing our community on other platforms due to the lack of posts in the main feed.

We want people to use our Dapp on D.Buzz but also want people to be able to interact with it on other platforms such as @peakd and Hive.Blog.

The mechanics of doing it through the comment route feels a bit like jerry-rigging our Dapp to adhere to some unwritten protocols instead of using the current protocols that are currently the standards for communities.

I think if the Hive community wants social media Dapps but is concerned about the reward pool abuse, a protocol change needs to be made at the Hive blockchain level where posts made to the chain would be given a type such as Blog, Video, Image, Short-form, etc. The rewards for short-form posts and other types of social media posts of the likes could have adjusted rewards.

My last concern is that if we decide to use comments for posts, people will build bots to upvote comments as the Dapp becomes more popular, defeating the entire purpose.

Our team is open to changing to use comments for the post made on our Dapp but do not feel that this is the best way to do this.

The community wants a social media platform such as D.Buzz.. the question is, how do we work at making social media Dapps on HIVE and prevent reward pool abuse?

In light of this, we are proposing that @blocktrades make a change to the HIVE blockchain that separates each post into categories such as but not limited to:

  1. Blog
  2. Image
  3. Video
  4. Short-form

If you are in favor of this proposal please vote for it here.. the funds will be sent to @blocktrades if approved.


We will be launching D.Buzz this week w/Rewards set to Decline for all of our users. This temporary status (one week) of declined rewards is intended to promote public discourse so that we can eventually activate rewards without risking public backlash and heavy downvotes from curation groups and abuse fighters such as @hivewatchers. Please let us know in the comments if you think:

  1. We should extend the Decline Rewards for @dbuzz users for another week after the 1st one expires.

  2. We should activate rewards after the 1st week of Declining Rewards is over.

  3. Give us feedback w/different ideas.

Again, be sure to vote on our proposal if you think policies should be written at the blockchain level and that @nathansenn’s suggestion would help onboard the masses via additional social media Dapps like D.Buzz joining the HIVE blockchain.

P.S. Contact chrisrice#2989 on our Discord if you want to discuss this with @nathansenn via audio or video. He is open to interviews and can discuss this in a public forum.


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