What are you capable of?

To get what you want in life, many times people have become cruel, and do unimaginable things. That's why the phrase, the world is the smartest, never trust someone who is your game enemy, everyone participates to win, no one is rooting for you.

Now I ask you what you would be able to gain everything you dream of? How far would you go?

Let's imagine a different and unusual situation.

If your best friend received a proposal to be your boss at a large company and earned double your salary, would you accept the position they were offering you? If you deny the position, your friend also loses the opportunity, what would you do in this situation?

Maybe, you would think a lot before accepting this proposal, maybe you wouldn't even accept it?

This proposal would simply depend on you....

You would be giving your friend the opportunity to earn double your salary and you earn less, in this situation I'm sure you would think long before, maybe days.

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Human beings are capable of destroying their neighbors to take advantage of the opportunities they have... and no one cares about anyone, this is the truth that few want to see and accept that it is a truth.


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