Do you spend a lot of time on social media?

Nowadays, social networks have taken a lot of our time, even worse are those who live glued to social networks 24 hours a day instead of studying, acquiring knowledge in an area that they want, prefer to stay logged in all the time with content that they don't gets us nowhere.

Technology came to change the life of humanity on earth, but it has its positive and negative side, and that depends on what you do while connected to the internet.

Of course there are free courses, we can acquire knowledge, understand how everything works just connected to the internet, and that's good because we have the power in our hands to choose what to do.

Social networks are a mere illustration that many times do not bring any benefits, only harm. Those who live very connected to the internet acquire several psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety and panic syndrome.

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You can't be too careful, if you know how to select well what you see on the vast internet then you'll be feeding your brain well, otherwise you're wasting your time watching news that doesn't add you to anything.


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