Do you act withe wise or foolish?

Each person acts and reacts differently, and there's no way to tell the person is wrong or right. But there are those who will act like a wise man at the right time, but others who will act like a fool.

Generally, the sages are those more open-minded people who know that sometimes they are wrong but they open up to new things, acquire new knowledge, and are always self-aware and therefore tend to position themselves in a way that they know the subject.

Already the fools most of the time reveal all their thinking, but the sage keeps it until the end. And when the fool wants to go down a path he lacks understanding and yet he does not look for knowledge to learn more, being lacking in intelligence.

Those who are wise also make their mistakes, but always try to get deeper and deeper in search of knowledge in order to be able to understand everything better. A wise mind is objective, neutral and impartial.

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The wise act silently....

Fools, on the other hand, act brutally and aggressively and lose themselves in reason.


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