Are you living today living the reality you projected?

Every moment we are put to the test by fire, maybe today when you see your reality you think, "how you got lost in time" and live a totally different reality than what you dreamed and projected before.

However, what will change your reality today is not complaining about what you failed to do, but the desire you have to overcome all obstacles, no matter how difficult and complex they may be.

Life is not just to be dreamed but also lived and fulfilled. A leaf doesn't fall from the sky if it's not for the permission of God, so it's worth believing in better days, all you need is willpower to win.

Our biggest problem is to leave it to the nick of time to do the things that need to be done, we take a lot of time, do a few and achieve nothing.

We waste too much time suffering for what has already happened, we waste a lot of time living a sad reality due to the bad habits we always have.

In fact, if you can dream, you can also accomplish great things and they happen as we live each day, as we survive and adapt to all possible situations.

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Life happens when you stop dreaming and try to fulfill your dreams.


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