The Best Organic Manure to Take Your Farm to Next Level

It's been a while I posted about my dam journey on hive and other hive tribes, especially proofofbrain. It's because I've been busy for some time. I will update my farm progress this week.

Today I want to share some points that might be good for fellow farmers and those that wish to start a farm.

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Choosing The Best Organic Manure
Selecting best compost manure for your farm depends on the types of crops you planted. There are specific suitable organic manure for vegetables, roots crops, flowers and acidic loving plants likes blueberries and rhododendrons.

Common good organic manure are sourced from animal waste.

Different Types of Animal Manure

Their are 2 types of manure are:
Cool manure
Hot manure

You can always get cool manure from herbivores animal like horses, cow, sheep and other grass eating animals like, rabbits, guinea pigs, while you can source for hot manure from carnivores and omnivores animal like human waste, chickens, pigs and hot manure are always smelling.

Both hot and cool organic manure contains valuable nutrients that plants needs to survive and produce desire results, which are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK).

In this post I will only explain and compare top 2 organic manure that are good for crops.

Chicken Manure (hot manure)

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Chicken manure is waste (feces) from poultry chickens which is a very good source of organic fertilizer. It is an excellent choice of fertilizer for vegetables and root crops,

because of its richness in nitrogen and considerable amount of potassium and phosphorus.

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As good as chicken manure is, it can also be harmful to the farm crops and plants, if it is not properly compost and you apply it raw to your plants it will burn the plants. Composting chicken manure makes it usable as fertilizer for plants.

Rabbit Manure Compost

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Rabbit manure compost is my favorite and has 3x nutrient value of chicken manure to the plants. Rabbit manure compost is versatile, mild on sensitive roots and very rich. It is odourless and environmental friendly.
It also not expensive to source.
Rabbit manure compost has more nitrogen and phosphorus than other types of organic manure which makes it number one choice of manure compost suitable for plantation.

In conclusion

*To get high yield from your farm, is it best advise to prepare farm soil with proper manure needed for the crops to germinate well. Two types of organic manure has been discussed in this post; hot and cool organic manure, which are both sourced from animal waste. Rabbit and chicken organic manure compost are choosen to be superior to others. You can make further research to know the suitable fertilizer for your farm.

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