The triangle islands

It's so great to travel inside the country and yet, move to a different reality. The Açores archipelago is comprised of 9 islands, scattered in the Atlantic ocean. Three of them are really close, and are normally referred as the islands of the triangle: Faial, São Jorge and Pico. And I'm visiting all of them!


That big mountain covered in clouds? It's the highest point of Portugal, Pico's mountain, a little bit over 2300 meters. I'm writing this post to pass some time while I get clearance to trek until the top.

Pico is my first island, and I'm loving this. As with all islands, the main ingredient here is nature!


Green, green every where. And one of the 12 vineyards considered a World Heritage by UNESCO. The vines landscape is pretty unique for sure. I've tried the wine, and yes: approved!


Another thing we find a lot in the island: windmills! I don't know how important were they in ancient times, or if the ones I'm seeing are just decorating, but they do make for cool photos.


All around the island, countless natural swimming pools exist, in the middle of the rocks. A perfect place to enjoy the atlantic ocean.


This one is facing the other island, Faial.

One of the not so great part of the islands: unstable weather. Fog will come as you go up a few hundred meters. But well, guess that's part of the charm!


There's a cool lagoon near those trees, trust me!

Apart from all of this... Açores is considered a top world destination for whale watching and diving. Guess what I'll be doing in the next days too? 😉 Hoping to have a ton of photos to share!

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