Curation at it's worst...

This post is like a second part, a continuation of my post about POB token distribution, which was published almost three weeks ago. Like an endorsement that nothing comes close in the importance of token distribution, especially in the early days of the tribe.
I was constantly monitoring, how the top POB token holders do their prime duties - the daily curation. For POB this is at extreme importance, as the post /curation rewards are the only method of issuing and distributing new tokens. All token inflation goes 100% that one single route. There are no miners, no bounties nor anything else, which could help the tasks of distribution.

It was not hard to notice, that one whale is outstanding of the whole picture. Which behaves as no anyone else. At least in the TOP20 on the richlist.
I'm talking about @richardcrill.
As of today he holds 45524 active staked POB tokens, which is around 5.84% of all staked POB. He sits firmly in the #3 spot on the POB richlist.

I had not enough time yet to dig out, by which particular methods he has accumulated his POB stake, but this is not the subject of this post.

My interest was to see how, when and who Richard is upvoting on the POB tribe.
At the beginning, I had hopes that I can meet him and talk directly about things I'm concerned. But it looks like there is no any way to do this.
He has made maybe 5 comments and only one single post since last Christmas (in early March). He was not seen on Discord. It seems he has no interest in communicating at all.
I can not imagine how busy one must be to make ONE post in 6 months. Maybe he is. But then - hardly he is even reading here anything.

What caught my eye, was the very low number of upvoted authors. And most of the time - the same accounts again and again.
And there is no doubt that major part of his upvotes goes out in AUTO mode, on a hard coded voting bot. Not following any trail, any other curator, but simply upvoting his favorites on the 15th or 18th second of the post life. This is how his votes distributed in the last seven days:

78.5% tokens distributed in a fully "blind" mode, with a hard-coded bot, on the first seconds of the post.

The first three of his favorites share over 31% of the rewards. All in a BLIND mode, without even seeing/reading the upvoted posts !

Is this a healthy token distribution?

the #1 favorite (above) is the only author of his targets, who always gets nothing but 100% power upvotes.
#3 favorite not long ago was posting only a short 3-5 line long posts, which seemed like a ONE MINUTE effort. (They have increased their post size after several of my downvotes.)

OK, I said, maybe this is just one week. Maybe very busy week. I downloaded ALL his upvotes for the last 40 days. All 824 upvotes, given to 212 authors.
Here are the results:

Do you see many differences in the top lines?

I have no idea if we can do anything about this.
What we really can, if he is NOT communicating with anyone? (or maybe he does, at least to his favorites?)
In any case, we seem to be simply as hostages of this whale.
After all, he can do what he wants with his stake. Who knows, maybe after this my post, he will raise the part of his reward to TOP-3 favorites from 31% to 95%.
Or more?
He never does selfvotes. (as he never posts anything!)
He can not be downvoted. (as he never posts anything!)

What underground ties are between @richardcrill and his top favorites ???
I don't know this. We don't know. We can only guess.

All we can do is live with that. With hope that maybe one day things will change.
Unfortunately, with recent activity pattern of tribe's founder in mind - I do not have a big hopes for that.


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