I turned 27 today. I am grateful to God for another year. I got my first gift early--I have been able to transfer custody of my tenant's children to his family.

It is a great relief knowing we (my family) are done (or almost done with this issue) which seemed to be taking a different turn at the last minute. Grateful to God we were able to stick to the plan.

The kids may not have the best life but it would be far better than the life they lived with their father who neglected them. But it did hurt leaving them. It felt like I had abandoned them too, just like their father.

I wish I could have done more for them. I cannot begin to imagine how it feels being in a strange place and with strange people, without the comforting faces of your father and mother or the people you have known most of your life.

I watched the two-year grab onto her eldest sister's leg perplexed about their new home. I saw the confusion in her eyes and I could do nothing.

Unfortunately, they will mourn their mother's loss alone. The news was broken in the most irritating way possible because certain adults could not show decorum.

Nothing has been concluded about their mother's body. She seems like a lost woman, with no relative or anyone who cared about her asides from her kids. I hope they put her to rest as someone who has someone or something.

Yesterday was quite sad and today a little. Bittersweet. Today I celebrate my birthday and a week from now I will remember my father. Would have to perform his burial rites sometime this month. This is another issue I have to resolve.

Nevertheless, I thank God for life. It might not be the best I can dream of but it is far from what I feared.

I will spend the rest of the day resting. The stress of the past 3 days has been taking a toll on me. I wonder how my mum has coped walking around for the past 2 weeks.

I think I will use the rest of the month I have free to be with my family while I prepare for my father's burial rites. September is for sober reflection as I open and relive old wounds

I know my posts have been gloomy for the past 2-3days. I promise to get back to my bubbly self.

The later hours of the day were decent. I had a regular day but I would take it. This week has been hectic, so I would do anything for a decent day. Cheer

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