About a month or two ago, I decided to transfer all my splinterlands cards to my brother @iamchuks. This was the only way I could get him on hive since he did not have a passion for writing and spent most of his time playing games on his phone.

I also gave him my old laptop so he could enjoy the gaming experience and also learn a useful skill online. The whole point of this endeavour was that he would make money of his own and become more independent (plus I was tired of giving him money, haha).

I don't know what the value of those cards was then. I would place my former deck around $100-$200. So I did not feel like I was giving him much (but it was a good start). Well I checked the value of those cards today and this is what I saw:


This is after I had sold about $200 or so the previous month to cover part of my rent. Here I was thinking that I had missed out on the splinterlands wave, while my brother was sitting on close to a thousand dollars.

I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have given him this much and this could turn out to be something huge for him if he makes good use of the opportunity.

I still find it funny how hive keeps surprising me in different ways. When I think that I have fumbled an opportunity, another pops up. Well, this isn't my opportunity anymore, but his opportunity and I wish him the best of luck.

He has enough in his splinterland account to cover his college entrance fee and even do stuff for himself, but I would rather he holds and builds. That is not much of a luxury I have since I have a lot of responsibilities.

In general, I just feel happy that I could give someone something of value. Maybe this is the feeling my mum gets when she helps people. It really feels good.

This whole blockchain is conspiring to make us all rich but we don't know. Today it's splinterlands, tomorrow it's Leo and the next it's POB. Cheers!

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