Getting the Band Back Together

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, I haven't actually got a band, yet, but I'm back telling my story of rising to stardom. After my failed attempt at "Starting a Movement", I have decided to come back to telling my story of chasing fame and fortune (crypto-fortune, anyway).


Since my last report, I have made some strides behind the scenes from Level 35 (having just started the Local Gig Circuit) to my current standing at Level 52 and about to begin my final mission before starting to put my band together. Back then, I was focused on finding inexpensive unique cards to increase my ranking as quickly and inexpensively as possible. I have now decided to take a new approach and save up my STARBITS to purchase a 12 pack of cards and make larger strides in acquiring new cards. This would also provide some extra cards that would allow me to share the wealth by starting that giveaway I talked about in my last post.

Today's Tip for Newbies

In addition to my story, I would like to offer some tips that I have picked up long the way that I have found benificial. Some I have learned on my own and others I will pass along from people who have encouraged me with their wisdom. Don't get me wrong, I am far from being a Rising Star expert, but I would be amiss if I were not to share some of what has been entrusted to me.

For today, I want to talk about making good use of your time while keeping your ego in check. When I first started playing Rising Star, I didn't understand how EGO worked, why it was important, or how to keep it in check. I think I spoke a bit on this topic before, but for those who missed it, here is what I have learned about it.

First of all, if you have not yet reached Level 15, you probably have not had to deal with EGO. You must either reach that threshold or accumulate at at least 1000 fans before it goes into effect. If you are nearing those limits, listen up! Your EGO level is the small box beside your Energy meter.


As the image shows, your goal is to keep this number at 0%. The important thing to understand is that the larger this number is, the less STARBITS you will earn from each of your missions. This number is created by comparing your Fans to your Skill.


When you have more Fans that you have Skill, it manifests itself in EGO. Therefore, your charter is to keep your Skill higher than your total number of Fans (both permanent and drunk). There are two ways you achieve this. Each card has a Skill attribute and a Fans attribute. If the combined Skill attributes on all of the cards in your colleciton are higher that their Fans attributes, your EGO will remain at zero. However, the total number of Fans on all of the cards in your collection has a higher total than the total of their Skill, your EGO begins to rise. The greater the disparity, the higher your EGO will go.

In addition to the Fans/Skill ratio, each of the mission you complete has an EGO cost associated to it. Each time you complete a mission, this number is permanently added to your Total Ego (Fans + mission Ego). Your Skill must compensate for this Total Ego.


Now that we know how the Total Ego is found and it can be overcome by your total Skill, there is one other thing to be aware of. Just as there is an additional way for EGO to be increased, there is also a way for Skill to be increased to counteract it. If you complete Music Lessions, instead of STARBITS, you earn Skill. Like the Mission Ego, this Skill is in addition to what you accumulate from your card collection.


There are several types of Music lessons, but I will save that for another Tip.

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