Most often than not, as humans we are always stuck in this quagmire of thinking why did i do this or why didn’t i do that, i should have done it this way, I shouldn’t have done it that way etc.

No matter how brave, carefree, smart or less inclined to realities you are a major player in, nobody is exempted from this occasional thoughts of regrets.

To some it’s much more deeper than the occasional afterthoughts. To some it’s a reflection of their entire lives, their existence. Actions that brought them to that present point and inactions that left them where they are. This is most often the cause for depression.

Regrets often lead to depression which is the leading cause of suicide.

Dealing with regrets have to start from the mind. Since regrets itself is a feeling, a mindset and idea etc the best way is to change the narrative is from your mind. Set your mind above those things that worries you or make you feel regrets.

Taking a lead from the biblical scriptures which says that we should set our minds above things of this earth and on things that are above. The best is to set your mind ok things that are above your regrets.

Always reflect on things that makes you happy, fulfilled and joyous. Never dwell on your regrets else it’ll keep increasing, always have a mindset of moving past your regrets and you’d see a positive change. You’d find out that you’d be more happier.

Come from a place of self fulfillment.

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