POB STREET 2-09-21 #2


insight.pob present pobstreet in conjunction with @onealfa.pob, where there will be a daily topic raised in which everybody can engage in it, and the daily topic can be reached from the community members, if you have any topics suggestion for the next day drop it in your first or second comment of the day with an #Topic.

The selected topics will be the next day topic, best topic of the week will be selected by the numbers of engagements it attracts.


@onealfa × @insight.pob will be rewarding the community members.


  • top daily comments (judge by the quality of the post)minimum of 5 member, if there are more people we will increase the number of people.


  • Topic of the week

reward can be reviewed to add more winners as we are getting bigger.

if you are not in the the categories i personally will be voting accounts according to it engagements daily.


  • to attract and bring new members to the pob community.

  • support new members and guide them on any issues they are facing

  • to build the pob community and take it to the next level.

comments of the day:

whats your POB plan for this new month?

topic from @rapha-el7

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