It's the second day of the week and I felt too tired to get out of bed. I wasn't feeling sick, no aches or pain of any form, and saying I am exhibiting some sign of laziness would not be the right words to justify my situation.

The sun was flashing through my window
and I saw the need to shake that feeling off but just thinking about it getting over it wasn't working.

I gently rolled down from my bed to say my morning prayer and then I remembered one of my ex-boss saying, he does tell me that "not all weakness or sickness has to do with the body, sometimes the heart may be too weak as a result of the pressure, stress or excessive thought about the next step to take in life".

After remembering those words, I immediately knew what to pray about after thanking God for the gift of life. The strength of the body is not enough to carry on or fight through the challenges of life, we need to always pray for strength to our spirit, soul, and mind as well.

After the prayer, I had a small meditation and felt different from that feeling I had immediately I woke up. I could have stayed down and wrapped myself in the duvet thinking today isn't a good day for me or I could have started feeding my head of terrible things like - I am having malaria, typhoid, my Blood pressure is high, and so on.

What am I driving at?

Many times we let negative thoughts cloud our minds, we see what is not happening to us due to our minds been in a negative state. Seeing positivity during a hard time is one thing that can help us get over it quickly and instead of thinking that we are broken, seek God's intervention and find not just one but millions of reasons to carry on in life.

Every day comes with a new challenge, opportunities, and blessings, it is left to which one we see as a priority and how we handle them. Regardless of what you think or how you do with them, getting through each day and preparing for what life might bring the next day should be your priority.

Good morning from this side of the world.

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