Today, quite a few of my friends overseas have been asking about life in New Zealand. And yes, we do have a psycho hosebeast "prime minister" hell bent on destroying our country while a nation of mind controlled sheeple wear muzzles and cower inside in fear of an imaginary "variant" of virus that was bullshit in the first place.

So we are fucked, they have won, and it's all over right? NO.... not quite!

Today I went for a walk around the shops before heading down to the beach. It was cold, but sunny, and after a long winter of heavy rain it's always nice to have a day of sun.

So what is it like here in a level 4 lockdown? The shopping area was empty, with most shops closed, and about a third of the people in the street (and there were not very many of them) were wearing muzzles. There were very few cars on the roads.


At the beach there were just a few people walking their dogs. Not many of them were wearing muzzles, but one or two were (the people, not the dogs).


If all you saw was the official government propaganda (mainstream news) there are only two people in NZ questioning the narrative, and they were both arrested yesterday, (Yes it's true that both Billy Te Kahika and Vinnie Eastwood were arrested yesterday), but on a personal level we are talking to a range of people who are working hard to expose the lies, and websites, videos and other information are being widely circulated - many people are very cautious to speak initially, but as soon as they find out you are not a covid cult member they open up.

Here is an example - talking to a technician who was arranging another time to come over because he was not allowed to do his job today, it emerged that he is now spending his time researching the coronahoax and had just watched this excellent interview with Stew Peters and Dr Jane Ruby.

Now here is the key thing - he said that 18 months ago he believed the narrative. BUT NOW HE DOES NOT. In some cases we have been surprised and disappointed to find people we thought were smarter than to believe this clown show have been suckered in, hook line and sinker, and that is a downer. On the other hand there are all sorts of regular people secretly doing their own research and not saying anything publicly. Many more than would appear at first glance. And that is heartening.

Getting yelled at for not wearing a muzzle in a shop totally sucks - but people who wear muzzles are generally not brave or strong minded people, and for them to start yelling may mean they are starting to lose confidence in their delusions, and are now scared enough to start reacting with anger.

Or they may just be terrified of an imaginary disease - but either way - fear is not strength. For everyone who is getting disillusioned by watching this psyop play out - stay strong and remember this Margaret Mead quote:


I know I can be a vague and cynical prick sometimes, but when the shit hits the fan, I do at least seem to become more focused...


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