The relationship between East and West has a history which is loaded with bloodshed, intrigue, corruption, usury, narcotics and terrorism.
You can find the background in my previous article here:

The antagonism has never ceased since the Opium Wars and now the nobility of the West are setting the stage for World War 3 against China, by weaving an elaborate media sustained false narrative (as they did for both WW1 & WW2).

I must congratulate Sky News Australia for a beautifully constructed cover-up narrative which supports the official anti-Chinese agenda.
However it is not true.

The United Nations Military Games (October 18th 2019) were coincident with the upgrade of millions of Wuhan citizen's phones to 5G.
The illness reported from then on was technological rather than biological but billions of dollars of investment depended on it so an elaborate false flag PLANNED narrative was constructed, blaming a mysterious micro-organism supposedly leaked from a Wuhan laboratory where Chinese scientists were working with bats.

Since then the progress of the illness has followed the mobile phone upgrades all around the world; First China, then northern Italy, Spain, London, New York & onwards in perfect order.

Study Showing Direct Correlation Between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

(Images from the article)

Still we were locked down in fear of a biological organism while "essential" work was rushed into action placing hi-tech communications towers all over hospitals, schools and other municipal locations.

However, not all of us were convinced by the story we were fed.
Two millionaires separately offered £1.2 Million and $5 Million for proof of an isolated sample of the actual micro-organism.
To date no one has come forward to claim that money.

The rewards remain unclaimed but the illness is real.
The root cause of the illness has not been correctly identified because to do so disrupts the planned technological 4th Industrial Revolution.
It is taboo to even mention it online, so to avoid social media exclusion, you will find my hypothesis unstated here but clearly explained within this article:

The Sky video (linked above) claims that certain individuals paid for a bio-weapon to be developed by the Wuhan Level 4 bio-lab as they couldn’t get it done legally in the USA. This may well be true but the genomic sequence which China gave to WHO was COMPUTER GENERATED & not of natural origins.

This fact was confirmed in December 2020 by UK MHRA here:


The computer generated genomic sequence was used to make synthetic mRNA which was wrapped in synthetic fat (lipids) and delivered to the world by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna at incredible speed.
The mRNA and its lipid coating is highly toxic and is causing horrific adverse reactions from skin rashes to extreme damage to blood and vital organs leading to death in many cases.

The authorities have been collating information but show no sign of calling a halt to the procedure!



In recent news we are informed that the Presidents of China and Russia are unlikely to attend the COP26 event due to be held in Glasgow on the 31st October.

There are also rumours that they will not attend the next G20 to be held in Rome on October 30-31st either.

As tensions mount over Taiwan and its appeal to NATO member Australia for protection we hear war drums rumbling in the distance.

I would love to be wrong but the warmongering aristocracy do love to cull the human population with copious blood letting and maybe, while we are distracted with their Plan A (Covid19), they are lining up Plan B?


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