Work From Bali Anyone?

A Program Intended To Boost Bali's Economy

Work From Home has been an initiative that has been introduced since the very beginning of this Pandemic. It is a way to keep the economy going while keeping everyone safe by staying at home. But this is not quite effective for those places whose economies are dependant on hospitality.



Bali for example has been really struggling to keep the economies going as hospitality is the core of Bali's economy. Since the border has been so tight and almost closed for travelers, the hospitality industry went dormant for almost a year.

Now the government introducing the Work From Bali program, a program that is intended to boost Bali Economy by raising the room occupancies in hotels in Bali. The staff from the State-Owned Company are selected and encouraged to works from Bali.

It seems like a very good program for Bali's Hospitality Industry, but will it beneficial for the nation-wide economic growth? only time will tell.

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