Winner Announcement for the DreemPort Challenge - featuring ThoughfulDailyPost!

It was super encouraging to see how @wesphilbin was thrilled with all of the great posts coming into his community for the challenge this week! I love when we help add to the positivity that these communities are already creating!!!

This week was a bit more of a CHALLENGE for me than for you though! hahaha As many of you know, I do have COVID for the second time, and though it is much easier, it is still very unpleasant haha I literally told myself to wake up and write this announcement post for the last 12 hours! I finally got to it! LOL

We have ONE MORE WEEK of our challenge with #thoughtfuldailypost. Don't forget! If you want to join in - submit your posts on THOUGHTFUL TUESDAY hehehe Use the #dreemportchallenge tag and #thoughtfuldailypost so that we can be sure to find it and enter it into DreemPort to see how you rate!

Can't wait to see the final showing for next Tuesday!

ONTO THE WINNERS for this week!


For those not familiar...

DreemPort accepts posts from all over the blogging world - NOT just our lovely Hive home - but places like,, personal blogs and more. It's a "port" where many bloggers can get to appreciate other content WITHOUT needing to go find them on their own time (as we all know, that is probably the most time consuming piece of blogging: FINDING new, fresh content.)

Those same bloggers who submit their work are asked to curate 5 random posts (assigned by DreemPort daily) before they submit their work for the next day's curation.

We have a pretty unique system that allows us to ensure that people are voting fairly and genuinely - and that same unique system allows for spam to be treated as it should be. I won't explain more on that, as we already have posts on @dreemport that do a great job of getting into the details!

Let's just get to the winners and the winnings - shall we??? 😁 (and by the way, these winners were chosen BY THE PUBLIC, in randomized groupings!)

As you can see from the graphic above - ALL ENTRANTS will be receiving a 25% DreemPort upvote (plus votes from those who follow our trail) and 10 Dreem tokens. We really wanted to honor EVERYONE that came out to support this first semi-public challenge!

Our WINNERS will be receiving 100% upvote from Dreemport (and trail), 50 Dreem tokens, and an exclusive DreemPort profile frame to show off their win on DreemPort 😊!

In first place, we have @george-dee , submitted through @peakd

In second place, we have @sofs-su submitted through @ecency!

In third place, we have @blezyn, submitted through @ecency!

In fourth place, we have @merit.ahama , submitted from @peakd!

In fifth place this week, we have @samsmith1971, submitted through @ecency!

For all valid entries (meaning, the ones that were rejected as spam will NOT be considered), they will be getting a 25% upvote from @dreemport and the curation trail, PLUS 10 Dreem tokens.

For our winners, 100% upvote from @dreemport and the curation trail, 50 Dreem Tokens, and an exclusive profile frame.

For this week- ONCE AGAIN.... @peakd REMAINS UNDEFEATED AS THE PREFERRED PLATFORM OF THE CHALLENGE! But did you notice???? @ecency had MORE OF THE WINNING WRITERS!!! hmmmmm what's that mean? hehehehe I'm telling you... those @ecency writers do NOT give up!!!

Everyone who used the preferred platform for the challenge will be getting some extra tokens for showing up with their #teemspirit! hehehehe NICELY DONE!!!

banner crown.gif

Thanks all for entering another #dreemportchallenge! All your upvotes are coming and tokens will follow - and we will see you FOR NEXT TUESDAY for #thoughtfuldailypost by @wesphilbin- just remember T for Tuesday, T for Thoughtful!

Submit those posts on Thoughtful Tuesday! hahahahaha awesome!!!!

DreemPort logo and image created by the amazing @jimramones. All DreemPort images belong to DreemPort. Please only use with permission.

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