Hey World, I Call Your Crazy and Raise it!

After more than a year of spending wayyy too much time on FB where division, irritation, anger and oppressive/depressive feelings abound, I decided to get a bit drastic to yank my arse out of a funk.


Nature has always been a balm for me, and a reminder of the goodness in life, so naturally I spend a decent amount of time camping out. But there are times when the set up- tent, cot, cooler, food etc. require more effort than I want to put in, when I'm simply looking for a breather that doesn't require work.


On this particular summer evening I was jonesing for the peace that only a view of the water can bring, and an escape from my overactive brain that only sweet, sweet beer can give.


Most of the time when I make my way down to this favorite childhood spot- located on state land twenty steps from my childhood home- I'll spend a couple hours and head on home.


But as I said I was looking for drastic, so I brought a couple sleeping bags and pillows and sent a text to my fam- "See you tomorrow, I'm crashing on the beach tonight!"


This prompted some alarm in my children, hah, who decided to drive the five miles and check up on me. They hung around long enough to determine all was well, then left their loonie mom to her own devices.


(I wish I would have taken a picture of the nest I made for sleep, but posting wasn't on my mind at the time)


It was exactly the kind of shake up I needed, a shifting of perspective that I've continued refining to this day.

What are things you've done to shake yourself out of the drudgery?

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