Spaghetti Squash Soon?


My largest of about 6 or 8 Spaghetti Squash, growing.

Today's time in the garden was short-lived! I did pick anything, spent a tiny amount of time checking, added a little bit of worm castings to some pots...and mainly? Watering.

BelowI did mention before, that I plant in succession for lettuces, and Spinach. Basically, that means, I have a few containers, where every 3 weeks or so, I plant new seeds of Romaine, Butter Crunch, and now, Spinach. This new planter below? I just now, planted Spinach, Arugala, and some Romaine Lettuce.



Above In back you can see the Butter crunch lettuce planted about 5 weeks ago, and in front, two weeks ago for some spinach. It doesn't look like many of the Spinach seeds germinated

Below Red Romaine Leaf Lettuce in back, harvested; planted 8 weeks or so ago.



Above The Head of Romaine Lettuce, planted about 10 weeks ago. I've been cutting and harvesting, but the heat really has done a number on this. I'll cut some of those outer leaves away; see if I can stretch out the growing season a little longer on this head.

Below A few shots of the Purple Beauty Bell Pepper. I bring in 1 or 2 every couple of days now. I just read that it is a good idea to harvest ripe fruit sooner, as this will encourage more fruit growth! Tomorrow for sure, most will come in.




Above The Banana Pepper, with a couple beginning to turn their signature Yellow!

Below The strawberries are beginning to ripen. Now, it is a race between the ripening, and the squirrels test biting them. They don't like to eat them... but they see the color and take a bite to test it. Usually I get a ton of fruit, but almost all have one bite out of them!


Below The Raspberries need picking! I have at least a bowl of not more out there to be grabbed from the bush!



All in all, this has been a decent year so far, for vegetables in the garden. I am seeing a LOT of ripe Cherry tomato, and even seeing a few of the larger varieties of Tomato start to turn pink/red. Many of my sweet pepper are still a couple weeks away, but that's ok, they always seem to come in later than the rest of my garden. EVEN THO I plant them a good 4-6 weeks before the rest.

Better Is ONE DAY, in this garden...
...I am THANKFUL for the gifts I have around me.

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Here's a quick RECAP post about Last Year's Garden.

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Bluefin Studios is a photographer, specializing in wildlife, nature, landscapes, waterfalls and Lighthouses!

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To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

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