Potato Harvest ONE



This is year three of planting Potato, and the earliest, by far, that I have harvested potato. As I have mentioned, recently, we've had a heat wave for a week plus of over 100F (38C), followed by almost a week of torrential rains. Everything is waterlogged.


Above None of the greens of my potato are standing. All are flopped over, and many are yellowed! This usually means it is time to Harvest.

Two large baskets, of Potato. I planted four medium-small Red Bliss seed potato, and 4 small Blue seed potato in the same 25 gallon Grow Bag, in late February earlier this year.

Below After seeing the bent and yellowed stalks, My oldest daughter and I harvested one of the two 25 gal Grow Bags, and below is our HAUL. We found 3 of the 4 Red Bliss seed Potato, and one rotted one. We found 1 of the 4 Blue Beauty and 3 rotted ones.

Our haul below, a little 8 lbs (3.5 kilos) Red Bliss. Including the teensy tiny ones. About a pound (about half a kilo) of Blue Potato. (also, two small Zucchini picked, and a few Peas, in the right basket)



Above After emptying the old potato and dirt out, sifting to find stragglers, etc I filled the 25 Gallon Grow Bag about a 1/4 full of a compost, soil, and peat. I dropped my 6 Red Bliss seed potato, with eyes growing, onto the soil/compost mix.

I checked my calendar, and I am sure I have enough days in my growing season for a second planting of Potato. AND, I happen to have some Red Bliss Potato, that has been sitting inside, and chitting out the eyes. You know? Little roots growing from the Potato Eyes!


Above Potato is a heavy feeder, so, after about 4 more inches of compost/soil mix, I added in some Fertilizer, a 3-4-6 NPK. That's: 3% Nitrogen, 4% Phosphate, and 6 % Potassium. I then filled the Grow Bag to about 1 to 2 inches below surface. On top of that, I added another handful of the same 3-4-6 NPK.

Below A last look at the harvest of potato, today. The large Red is about two fists, most of the smaller Red Bliss is about palm-sized, with the Blue Potato slightly smaller. Some of the tiniest potato are smaller than a pill.


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