Gardens, Below!


Garden Update!

INTERESTING DAY, TODAY, IN THE GARDEN. I actually watered the garden!! After a few weeks of rains, we have not had enough rain for a days. SO, I actually watered. Good, too, since I am leaving for a few days.

Below This is the front section of the Garden, along the area above labeled Spaghetti Squash, Banana Pepper, Purple Peppers (L to R). Also, note the newly planted Arugula, just coming up.



Above Left is the row of Tomato (labeled 4-8), middle is the row of tomato labeled 10-14 (Mostly San marzano, wiht some Cherokee Purple), Shorter plants are Sweet Bell Peppers, wiht the herbs to the right of the image. Carrot behind the Herbs.

Below A close up of the Red Romaine, Butter Crunch, Romaine, and the herbs: Thyme, Mint, Two kinds of Basil and the Oregano. Some raspberry shoots are in front of the lettuces.



Above Beefsteak Tomato, Onions and Chives behind, peas behind that (some are dead and need pruning), Squash and Zucchini at back,. and a wall of Tomato to the right!

Below This closeup of the tomato is the Sweetie 100 Cherry tomato to the right, Black Sea Man, Black Tula and more, to the left.


Above This is it's another shot of some of the Tomato. Perhaps,either Black Tula, or Black Sea Man. Tough to tell and of course, my Labels all bleached out in the sun by now.

Below These are definitely Black Tula Tomato.


I'll be away from my garden, on a Craft Fair trip this weekend. I've already set up, and travel there to stay overnight for the next couple of days. Hopefully, some good results as I try and sell a few images, for some extra spending money!

Better Is ONE DAY, in this garden...
...I am THANKFUL for the gifts I have around me.

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Here's a quick RECAP post about Last Year's Garden.

Bluefin Studios


Bluefin Studios is a photographer, specializing in wildlife, nature, landscapes, waterfalls and Lighthouses!

Always, I strive to give back

To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios unless specified.

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