Living is a difficult task in itself. Sometimes people confuse existing for living. It's easy to go through life just existing and ignoring everything around. It takes so much more to live your life.

I didn't understand all of this until a while back. For most part of my young life, I have just been existing. Navigating through life without much meaning or awareness of my surroundings. I was always never present.

Conscious living borders around being aware of our lives and surroundings.

When I say I was just existing it means I was never really enjoying things at the moment. Most times I'm in my head but either in the past or picturing the future. The present was always passing by without me being aware.

It wasn't just about my life, it was also about my surroundings. I am not aware, most times I will be walking on the road. My brain is taking note of the things that may be harmful but my mind is always thinking about something that mostly don't even matter.

Oftentimes I'd walk by a person I know and should acknowledge and I'd be looking at them but not seeing them. It's like my body is there but I'm not present. This also happens when I'm having a conversation with someone.

Unless I'm invested in it, chances are I'm hearing you but not listening. It takes less than 0.2 seconds for me to zone out of the present and go into my head, maybe it's part of what comes with being an introvert.

Conscious living to me means being aware of everything that's happening as they happen - be present. Lately I try to be more present. To let my focus be in one place and not live in my head so often that I miss out on what is happening in real life.

It's still a work in progress and I have not fully mastered the art of conscious living. Nevertheless, I'm better than how I used to be and I'm working towards being where I want to be.

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