The Touching Story

Look after the needy beside you, offer them what can wipe away their tears, never turn your back whenever they need encouragement, be ready to listen to them, and offer them the best words you can, bad words create horror memories.

I've seen various dangerous quotes online, “if you react to every touching story you see, your story will soon be touching”.

Well, it is not a bad idea to make some research before giving, likewise not bad to limit what you offer. Be specific but create an extreme passion for helping others.

In my early 20's my most searched keyword on Google is “how to make money online”.

Google algorithms sometimes complete every "how's"😄

Is that funny?
What's yours?

Well, it's not bad to follow my suites as we keep learning.

It is not my fault, thanks to my referee who introduce the hive and ecency platforms to me where I gained a lot.

While searching for my lost granny's cowries, wow😮 I'm glad to tell you I found one, it's an “investment”.

Are you still thinking of money? Oh no! You are on the wrong planet🌛

Well, your Blockchain technology knowledge is a valuable asset you can equip the needy with. Let them know the importance and benefits of Cryptocurrency.
Before I submit, take note of the followings;

📌 Not all needy need money - your candid advice means a lot in their mental health (your words are an investment). Yes! A profitable investment.

📌A dog destined to be lost does not hear the hunter's whistle - The same dog can be rehabilitated with your influence.
The sociological perspective enables us to see society as a temporary social product, created by human beings and capable of being changed by them as well.

...the moral of what you called jargon as you've thought 🧠.

البرّ لا يبلى.. والإثم لا يُنسى. والديان لا يموت.. فكن كما شئت. كما تَدين تُدان.

Righteousness does not wear out...

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