Why I Chose POB


Well before joining proofofbrain.io, I was posting regularly on Hive blockchain but didn't feel that much interest.

Leofinance.io does gave me some motivation to post to in order to earn some extra Leo tokens.

If I am not wrong I was seeing a few people posting to proofofbrain.io. I was not much probably interested but after jumping in to the tribe and seeing people's involvement, I also wanted to show my presence on proofofbrain.io.

Yeah, it was slow in the start for collecting some small rewards but I just sort of got the boost and rewards that I started to receive increased which motivated me more to give my best.

Hive prices were down but I saw that the prices of POB were close to $1. With that I felt that POB has the potential and also many people were talking about POB as well and also I saw people's posts discussing POB mostly.

Also we know that POB has a limited supply of 21 Million so probably that's the reason users want to collect as much as they can of this total supply.

And it's probably human psyche that when one collects some good rewards then he tries his best to deliver the best and that was the thing with me too.

I know that I am slow for the moment collecting little POB but what matters for me is consistency. I am trying to be as consistent as I can.

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