Who Said I am Not a Pro Staker | A bit of Clearance

Yesterday I saw @onealfa ignoring me from his @onealfa.pob and @onealfa.leo accounts and seriously I didn't know the reason as to what did I do.


I was wondering did I plagiarize something or what did I do that made @onealfa ignoring me.

But yeah thankfully I saw @onealfa post where he shared a screenshot showing users who have some POB and are just holding it in their wallet without staking it.

I also saw my name there.

But let me make it clear for you why I have Powered down my POB. Not only POB but I also am Powering down my Hive and Leo as well.

It is because a few days ago I have lost all my keys and luckily am only left with the Active key with which I can only login to @ecency app and that is why I am posting now.

I decided to make a new account and transfer all my coins like Hive, Leo and POB to there and for this reason I started powering down all my coins.

Because of this prolonged Hive power down I am still waiting for it to complete so that I may transfer it to my new account after making it and stake it there.

It's not like I am not staking. I am a pro staker and I have been pressing hard for it in my posts. If anyone still have doubts, they should check it out in my posts.

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