What if the Government Ban Hive Platform?


Singapore has ordered Binance to stop providing services in Singapore. And according to a report probably Pakistan may also follow Singapore ordering Binance to stop operations inside the country.

This would be a big blow for guys like us who are into cryptocurrency. I myself has been using Binance and was happy with it but some guys here have been trading on Binance, so what about them?

I am not able to understand, are the governments depriving people from self sufficiency? What they want from us? They want us to be dependent upon them?

I am afriad if it gets to Hive platform. What if they also ban Hive? It's sort of an alarming situation for us.

We have hopes from Hive and invested like approximately 4 years of time here hoping for a better future, and if it happens that would shatter our dreams.

Why not regulate instead of banning? They want tax then they can do it simply by regulating. Banning is not the solution.

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