We Are Here on Hive In a Hope For a Better Future

Hive has shown some spike and is now trading around $0.63 as of I am writing this post.


As of the Hive sisters tokens like Leo and POB, Leo is pricing around now at $.31 and is in red while POB is now trading around $0.24.

We know that Hive, Leo and POB have been struggling with the prices for the past couple of months or so but comparing the life of Hive blockchain itself and then it's sister tokens Leo and POB to other cryptos like BTC and some other, they are newbies.

Being a newbie I don't see any wrong or getting panic in it. I think we shouldn't be giving it some time and continue supporting Hive blockchain because it have the potential to get into the top list of other cryptocurrecies.

POB itself being of probably 6 months or so has shown some good performance and it has shown us that POB has the potential.

The involvement of users on POB tribe and the content they create is kind of good. We should find more content consumers so that we get the value out of it.

So, don't panic, stay active, keep posting, earn as much as you can (legally), be consistent and be hopeful for your bright future because we all are here for making our future somehow good.

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