Travel Agency Accepting Payments in Bitcoin


Good to hear the news about announcing that it will also accept payments in Bitcoin from local as well as foreign citizens.

For those of you who don't know who are they, Discovering Pakistan is a travel agency. And I think it's the first ever initiative from someone in Pakistan. I know that there may not be much people owning bitcoin but it is going to help in promoting the crypto culture here in Pakistan which hopefully might bring some benefits in future.

We have seen Turkey completely banning crypto in its country, a brotherly country like Pakistan does not seem to be clear about the regulations about crypto. They seem to be silent for now. And I think that talks might be going regarding crypto regulations because I see this new government seems to be very much open to new technologies.

I hope news like these will pave the way for the users of crypto in Pakistan.

And I am hoping that not only Bitcoin but other cryptos may also be accepted as a mode of payments.