Thinking of Selling Your POB??


Hey guys!!

This post is more like a reminder for those who are sort of new to the cryptocurrency and don't know much about how to deal with the lower prices.

I know how it feels being a newbie seeing the prices taking a dip for some time and the panic situation it creates.

I know in panic, users who are not strong enough mentally and also sort of new to cryptocurrency try to sell their crypto in a fear that it would crash drowning al their portfolio.

Before you sell your POB tokens, I would like to show you a few screenshots.


Greg is left with his wishes. Greg wished he had hold his BTC for some more time.

This is why I keep stressing on not to worry about the lower prices for the moment. Focus on collecting more and more POB.

This guy is feeling the pain of selling his Shib tokens and wished he had hold it more.


You might know the famous story of buying Pizza with Bitcoins. It got a huge popularity that people started memes about it.


10,000 BTC, that is what costed for a pizza bought by Laszlo at that time. That's seems a pretty much expensive Pizza :D
Imagine it's price right now at the present BTC price lol.

My point is, if you didn't need to sell your POBs, don't do it. It's better to HODL.

I am on a HODL mode and would recommend you guys also to HODL.


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