T20 World Cup 2021: India Loses to New Zealand

India after losing to Pakistan in their initial match have now lost to New Zealand yesterday making it hard for them to go to semi finals.

India being a strong team was being considered as the favorites in this T20 World Cup 2021 but the start they got is really frustrating for them and their fans.

What Could Actually Go Wrong?

According to Pakistan's Ex-Fast Bowler and fastest bowler in the world the legendary Shoaib Akhtar have said it many times that the pressure Indian team has got is from it's own media. According to him media put pressure on their Indian team expecting more from them as they considered the Indian team to be unbeatable due to their strong line up.

But things didn't go that way for them.

In their initial game with Pakistan and as you might know that India and Pakistan are big rivals and their is a lot of pressure on both sides.

Indian team being put to defeat by Pakistan very easily without losing a single wicket was sort of frustrating for them. And probably that is the reason they got their moral down.

Indian fans were very disappointed with the loss from New Zealand in their second match. New Zealand won from India with 8 wickets with a good number of overs remaining.

Indian next match is with Afghanistan. Team Afghanistan also is looking good with its bowlers bowling really good. Team Afghanistan have only lost to Pakistan in the group.

Lets see what happens between India and Afghanistan in their coming group match.

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