Still Feel Motivated on Hive


It's like around four years now to be on this platform (obviously it was Steemit first but then I skipped to Hive). And the good thing is I still feel motivated to be here on the platform and post daily.

I think not only me but some other users as well are actively participating in the platform.

Now that we have some tribes like, etc introduced on Hive with their respective tokens, it has sort of given the platform a new life.

Users want to collect other sister tokens as well with Hive. And why not, because it's a good chance to earn some extra while putting the same efforts that we were doing before.

The reason why I am actively posting on Hive is because I am very much hopefull of the bright future of Hive that will benefit us as well, if we remained connected to Hive.

The thing that matters is consistency. We should try to be as consistent as we can because consistency is the key to success.

So are you consistent on Hive?

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