POB: So Far So Good


Well I am sort of happy with my POB journey collecting more than 800 POB so far. It did take some time but I didn't let my self down and continue ti struggle posting regularly.

I know I can't give much time to the community but whenever I get some free time I try to see my feed and also throw away some upvotes. I know that my upvotes are not heavy but still I don't want my upvotes to stay still on 100% power.

I have been staking my POB as well as Leo tokens. Now don't get me wrong if you are seeing that I am on power down. It's actually because of the keys for this account I have lost and I want to transfer all my assets to the new account which I have thought of making one.

So I am not in any way selling my POB or Leo and or Hive. It will be powered up straight away whenever these all are powered down.

Engagement no doubt is a beneficial thing to do on any platform but it is double beneficial on POB because it some gets heavily upvoted and also you get the exposure. I confess I am not engaging much but I actually have to do other stuff as well, that's why.

If any user who is free then he shouldn't be wasting his time and do as much engagement as he can. Engagement doesn't mean you should spam people posts. Just be honest and present your thoughts on the post. Authors like honest feedback. Don't do it for the sake of only commenting.

Happy to have whales like @onealfa.pob supporting our work. Not only me but lots of people across the POB tribe. It feels good to receive an upvote from guys like him as mean of appreciation which eventually motivates us to do our best.

It's always feels good to be on the trending page. Thanks to POB providing this chance to be on the trending. Otherwise it was hard for us on Hive itself getting to the trending page. Thanks to the manual upvoting.

A few thoughts I thought I should share with you guys.


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