KEEP Your Patience If Your Rewards Are Low


As we have a saying here in our local language which means little drops makes a sea. So as I am here on Hive and also at the same time on POB and Leo and I am earning not much of rewards but as we know slow and steady wins the race.

So these little rewards when accumulated might someday be a sea. The only things we should have is patience. Many of us fail because they don't have the patience.

Now that the prices are not very promising, we should be panic selling our tokens instead we should have patience and hodl it.

This crypto market is very unpredictable and who knows the prices may surge again.

To me, if you want to stay safe in these conditions of low market value, just Hodl your tokens and thats it. Yeah if you are a pro trader, you can also trade to make some profits but for guys like me, I prefer HODLing.

Forget about the low prices. Just concentrate on posting regularly and earn rewards if it's very low but be patient because patience is the key.

As for as you have the ability to meet your expenses from your pocket and you don't need to cash out your Hive, POB tokens then let it be here, stake it.

I am hopeful of its bright future. It does seem to have a good potential.

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