Hopes From Hive Blockchain


Well most of us are here to make something out of the Hive blockchain. Not every person thinks the same. Some may be here for a shorter term, just to earn some Hive, transfer it and boom disappears.

But that doesn't seem to be the case because if someone is already earning some Hive why would he disappear. Why not continue earning Hive on the platform.

But probably their are two type of people here. One who are not in here looking for a longer term. And probably they have nothing to do with the future of Hive blockchain.

Other type of people are the one who collect and hodl every single token of theirs and are in here thinking of a longer term. They are here thinking of their future. They have hopes from it. I am also one of them.

For this reason I am still holding my Hive and other sister tokens like POB and Leo. For the moment I am not looking at other cryptos to buy with my Hive, I am happy with the Hive I am having in my wallet.

Who knows what the future may bring for us HODLing our Hive. As we are hopeful of the future of Hive that someday it may enjoy some good prices benefiting us.

Hive blockchain is still new. It's we users that will bring value to it. It's good to stake our Hive in our wallets because it also might have a positive effect on the prices of Hive.

Now that we have some good tribes as well on Hive, so it might increase our chances of looking into a bright future and it sort of multiplies our best hopes.

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