Hive: Why Not Spend Some Funds on Advertising?


Now that we see some good price fluctuations in Hive and hopefully we might hit $1 mark, I think it's would be a better chance for us to do some good marketing.

And it's good to use the power of social media and advertise Hive out there.

Renowned social media like Facebook which has billions of monthly users should be availed. But I think we are not focusing on Facebook at all.

Some guys I see are taking it to Twitter, but compared to Facebook, Twitter don't have that much traffic as Facebook has.

We should reserve some funds for paid advertising specially on Facebook.

I remember @jerrybanfield doing marketing for Steemit on Facebook years ago and because of him I joined Steemit. I don't know how much have joined Steemit because of his advertisement.

One such platform where Hive should do advertising is Many cryptos are listed there and it's good to divert traffic from there to Hive. It might not be difficult for them because they might already know about cryptos.

I don't what the management team of Hive is thinking but I think if we turned to advertising, it might prove fruitful.


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