For Those Who Plagiarize With No Shame


Well I have been noticing a few people who do plagiarism with no shame whatsoever. What do you guys think that you may earn Hive merely by copy pasting?

I don't think so. You are actually vanishing your chances of receiving a lucky upvote on your post, because with plagiarism, you are exposing yourself to Hive community.

Its a shame to see our country fellows also plagiarizing. This might bring a shame to us.

I was talking to from one of the member of Hivewatchers and they suspect me for someone else from my country. I don't know probably they thought it's me doing plagiarism because of the IP matching.

And why would someone plagiarize when you know that you ain't going to earn good rewards because Hivewatchers are going to expose you for it and downvote you.

Not only Hivewatchers but other users may also downvote you or not even bother to vote for you.

Why not be real?

Just share your views/ thoughts about someone's post. Shaere your life experiences.

Share some good photography that you have taken while visiting a place.

I mean their are alot of things about which you can write. Why then plagiarize?

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