Don't You Think 13 Weeks of Complete Power Down is More than Enough?


This Hive power down takes a lot of time and sometimes it gets irritating with this prolong time. I don't think it's a right idea.

13 weeks is a long time, it's like more than 3 months which I am not able to understand that why they have made complete power down to 13 weeks.

We had a complete power down of 4 weeks on Steemit and that seems okay. I would like to listen about this 13 weeks complete power down policy.

I know it is sort of safe to have it in case an account is compromised or hacked as one may have more time to recover it before its been washed out.

But looking at exchanges or other wallets we see they have instant withdrawals. Why not they have made this power down policy for safety? Still people there are okay to use it.

What if we have 2FA here on Hive as well? After completing 2FA funds should be transferred instantly with imposing some fee on it.

Their are many other ways of securing wallets may be. I don't think this prolong power down is an answer to it. This may prevent people from powering up because they may not wait for 13 weeks to get their funds back in liquid.

Just empower people with more liquidity so that they may feel easy while transferring funds from their Hive wallet and also may trade it without any delays.

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