Depressed With Your Financial Freedom? You Shouldn't Be


No doubt, life is tough. Ups and downs are part of life. Someday you will have a good day and sometimes a bad day. But that doesn't mean you should feel depressed about your bad day.

Why you should not be depressed about things that are not in your control. And rightly so, because if you don't have the power to change a situation where you are in then why in the first place should you be feeling depressed about it?

People have different psyches. Some will fall into depression while others would not be effected by it. The ones that were effected were simply stronger enough to ignore and made themselves strong to ignore.

Your brain reacts to whatever you feed into it. If you give a healthy food to it then it will give a positive outcome but if you feed it with negativity then definitely you will have negative outcome.

And this is we have been listening all the time from others, "Think Positive, Stay Positive, Be Optimistic etc.". It's not like you listen it on one ear and push it out on the other. It does have a meaning.

You may have a bad day trading your cryptos or some sort of financial loss. Not having enough budget to meet kids school fees or wife is not happy with your financial condition.

I understand that makes one feel really tensed and down but you are stronger enough to tackle that. It needs a firm will to do it. Don't let yourself or your friends and family down.

Try to ignore bad things that happens around you. Sometimes it does get you but you should always think of yourself as strong enough to tackle it.

Time has the power to heal anything, what we just need is patience.

Let me tell you one more thing, if anything not good happens, you should know that things happen for good, we just don't know things happening in the backend.

Whenever you feel down, try to go out for a walk with your family and friends. Explore new things, meet people, get as social as you can, help others. I am pretty much sure you will feel the difference.

You will gain nothing crying over spilt milk. Think of the future and work for it.


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