Close to 1000 POB & Crossing 500 Leo | Shift of Momentum from Leo to POB


I remember the days when I was focusing more on and would feel good receiving some good upvotes in order to collect Leo tokens.

To some extent it was slow but I did get a some random upvotes from @onealfa.leo.

Now that I have crossed 500 mark of collecting Leo tokens I feel sort of good about it. It was slow but doesn't matter for me because what matters to me is the consistency.

After the launch of POB tribe momentum kind of shifted from Leo to POB. I still felt good about Leo upvotes but then I cared more about upvotes on POB tribe compared to

And probably it's because of the number of people being larger in size compared to and also I felt that urge among POB users for POB tokens.

I still am staking my Leo and POB tokens. Yes the prices are low but at the moment that ain't an issue for me.

I have seen Leo token on but I didn't see POB there. I don't know what could be the reason behind this. But I think it's good to have POB on as well because as we know that is a renowned website and POBs presence there may prove to be fruitful.

Now that I have crossed 500 Leo and 900 POB, thanks @onealfa for his support, now I am aiming at a higher goal. It could be slow but at the same time I would try to be steady and that is key.

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